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    log4j vulnerability?

    Does REW use log4j when writing log files? If so, it is a serious security vulnerability that is being actively exploited.
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    Dirac/Acourate/etc for dummies

    Except for Dirac, all software mentioned in this thread can export their correction filters in a standard format that is compatible with almost any Linux program or audio plugin that performs convolution. Dirac's filters are proprietary and cannot be exported for use on Linux. The easiest...
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    macOS convolver that works with Audiolense

    Signalyst HQ Player has its own convolution engine that supports 32 channels, including cross-feed matrixing.
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    macOS convolver that works with Audiolense

    Melda Productions offers a $59 8-channel plugin MConvolutionMB and a free 2-channel plugin MConvolutionEZ. They have been compiled for Apple Silicon. p.s. I agree with perceval that, especially for a dedicated audio computer, there is no reason to install the latest version of MacOS.
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