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    RTA screen is missing distortion measurements

    Hi John, I noticed that in this version of REW the distortion panel in RTA doesn't work anymore. Previously I've found that panel to be very helpful in identifying the loudest frequency of the audio I currently capture. I hope you can bring that back. Thanks
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    Merge function without compensation?

    Looks like the attachment didn't work, probably due to size? I removed the 60 degree measurements to bring it under 10MB
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    Merge function without compensation?

    Sure, here it is. See the 60 and 70 degrees merge just fine, but the 80 degree measurement doesn't. Background, one of them is an outdoor ground plane measurement of a driver. The other one is a quasi anechoic measurement. However, the outdoor measurement has filters and a HPF applied, which...
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    Merge function without compensation?

    I'm trying to use the merge function in REW to splice some nearfield and farfield measurements together. I'm getting some strange results at times with completely messed up frequency response for one part of the graph. I'm pretty sure it is due to the phase alignment that REW tries to do. Is...
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    Feature request: Bring back enter to measure

    Hi John, Thank you so much for your work in REW. It really is unbelievable that one man made this. A small request I'd like to ask for, and this is something that has been preventing me from upgrading. In the latest versions, when you hit "measure", a box pops up for measurement settings. On...
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    REW Beta Release REW macOS DMG (includes private Java 8 JRE)

    I cannot install this version of REW on my MacBook either. I do not have BetterTouchTools installed. The RAM utilization just increases non stop and it must be force quit. EDIT: I see on the REW website that Magnet is not supported. I disabled magnet and it works now.
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    Export manipulated frequency responses?

    Is there any way to export the frequency response that was manipulated in REW? For example. I made some quasi anechoic polar measurements of my speaker. However, due to rotating the speaker with the center of rotation at the center of the speaker instead of at the driver, the distance of the...
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