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  1. Todd Anderson

    Full Review: Atlantic Technology's New Gatecrasher 1 Wireless Speaker

    [FLOAT_RIGHT][/FLOAT_RIGHT] [FLOAT_LEFT] The wireless audio segment is littered with hundreds – seemingly thousands – of models, ranging from inexpensive miniature Bluetooth speakers to exotic whole-home systems that reap the benefits of app-based control and Wi-Fi connectivity. With lots of...
  2. Todd Anderson

    RIVA CONCERT Wireless Speaker: A Full Review

    [FLOAT_RIGHT] [/FLOAT_RIGHT] [FLOAT_LEFT]RIVA Audio originally shipped a Concert review sample to my office during the speaker’s pre-launch period in late 2018 – yes, practically ages ago. And while quite a bit of time has passed, the speaker hasn’t remained packaged and huddled with other...
  3. Todd Anderson

    Axiom Audio AxiomAir N3 Wireless Speaker Review

    [FLOAT_RIGHT] [/FLOAT_RIGHT] [FLOAT_LEFT] Enthusiasts want more than just convenience from a wireless speaker; they want top-notch sound quality too. Today’s expansive wireless segment is loaded with options, ranging from inexpensive compact Bluetooth speakers to more sophisticated whole-home...
  4. Todd Anderson

    Axiom Audio AxiomAir N3 Speaker Unboxing!

    Prepping for a future review... here's an unboxing short of Axiom Audio's AxiomAir N3 ($799). Initial impression out of the box: Build quality is super robust!
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