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  1. Todd Anderson

    Monster's Blaster 3.0 Reviewed

    Having been on the market for over a year, Monster’s Blaster 3.0 isn’t a new kid on the block, but it’s not exactly old hat either. Today, we’re taking a closer look at a boombox-style wireless speaker with a familiar brand name and plenty of modern flair. To spice things up, this portable...
  2. Todd Anderson

    Full Review: Atlantic Technology's New Gatecrasher 1 Wireless Speaker

    The wireless audio segment is littered with hundreds – seemingly thousands – of models, ranging from inexpensive miniature Bluetooth speakers to exotic whole-home systems that reap the benefits of app-based control and Wi-Fi connectivity. With lots of quality options hovering in the $100-$200...
  3. Todd Anderson

    RIVA CONCERT Wireless Speaker: A Full Review

    RIVA Audio originally shipped a Concert review sample to my office during the speaker’s pre-launch period in late 2018 – yes, practically ages ago. And while quite a bit of time has passed, the speaker hasn’t remained packaged and huddled with other gear waiting for review. Far from it. In...
  4. Todd Anderson

    Axiom Audio AxiomAir N3 Wireless Speaker Review

    Enthusiasts want more than just convenience from a wireless speaker; they want top-notch sound quality too. Today’s expansive wireless segment is loaded with options, ranging from inexpensive compact Bluetooth speakers to more sophisticated whole-home systems. Axiom Audio is a brand that’s...
  5. Todd Anderson

    Axiom Audio AxiomAir N3 Speaker Unboxing!

    Prepping for a future review... here's an unboxing short of Axiom Audio's AxiomAir N3 ($799). Initial impression out of the box: Build quality is super robust!
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