1. Todd Anderson

    SVS Begins Taking Orders for Its New Ultra Evolution Speakers!

    (March 26, 2024) Yes, audio fans, the wait is finally over. SVS has begun taking orders for its new, delicious-looking sonic series of audio speakers: Ultra Evolution. First announced several months ago, Ultra Evolution is now SVS's flagship stalwart, replacing the wildly popular Ultra Series...
  2. Todd Anderson

    SVS Announces AWESOME Black Friday Deals on Gear You Want!

    (November 16, 2022) SVS has unleashed tantalizing deals on its meatiest sonic weaponry for Black Friday 2022... and you don't need to wait to take advantage. Beginning today through November 27, 2022, SVS Ultra Series speakers and select subwoofers are receiving the Black Friday treatment...
  3. Todd Anderson

    Roku Delivers Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos with Updated Ultra Streamer

    (September 28, 2020) Roku has announced two new products, including an update to its top-of-the-line Roku Ultra player, along with several interesting promotional campaigns. Ultra, a compact streaming device, ships with 50% more wireless range and onboard Bluetooth support. It's also fully...
  4. Todd Anderson

    The Ultimate SVS Ultra 7.2.4 Atmos System Review

    When I originally pitched SVS to review “The Ultimate SVS Ultra Atmos System,” I knew my ears were in for a treat, but I had no idea that a certified sonic beast was about to be unleashed in my reference home theater. Yes, I’ve had exposure to the company’s popular products, however my only...
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