1. P

    measuring TS parameters of metal former coil speakers

    i am using REW for measuring TS parameters for couple of months now. i was repairing one of my friends Marshall Kilburn Woofer. After that i tried to measure T/S parameters of it. sorry for the bad image of 2 measurements of same woofer. whenever i measure TS parameters of metal former coil i...
  2. B

    Wrong thiele small parameters

    Hello. A few weeks ago I had a problem with the impedance measure, I did a forum thread and the problem was solved. Now, I did a measure of my speaker and I compared with the manufacture datasheet and the parameters are much different. Manufacture parameters: Measured parameters: TS Parameters...
  3. DeepSOIC

    Error calculating Thiele-small parameters - resonances too close

    Hi! Thanks for awesome software, but today I have a problem. I'm trying to measure TS parameters of a small driver. However, I get an error "The resonant frequencies of the selected measurements are too close to generate reliable results." I don't know how to solve it. I've measured...
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