pb-2000 pro

  1. Tom L.

    SVS PB-2000 Pro 12" Ported Subwoofer - Full Review Dual Subwoofer Configuration

    The Review SVS has the enviable reputation in the marketplace for producing some of the highest performance and best sounding subwoofers out there. A case in point are the venerable SVS 2000 series subwoofers that have been newly reimagined, redesigned and upgraded and are now designated the...
  2. Todd Anderson

    SVS Uncorks a December Surprise, Unveils 2000 Pro Series of Subwoofers!

    (December 10, 2019) SVS has spent the last several years authoring one of the great love letters to the world of audio, penned with wicked subwoofer designs and high-performance speakers. There’s just no denying SVS’s ability to deliver the kind of gear and customer experience that home theater...
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