next level acoustics

  1. Todd Anderson

    Next Level Acoustics Launches new Soundbar for Use with Samsung’s 2021 The Frame TV

    (May 12, 2021) Custom manufacturer Next Level Acoustics has announced the arrival of its 2021 Fusion Frame Slim soundbar, engineered specifically to match the thinner profile found on Samsung’s 2021 The Fame TV. At only 1.25” of mounting depth, the Fusion Frame Slim affixes to a wall using Next...
  2. Tom L.

    The Elegant and Capable Fusion Frame Soundbar and CI-IW10S In-Wall Subwoofer Solution from Next Level Acoustics - Full Review!

    The Review When I was asked to review the Fusion Frame Soundbar and its companion CI-IW10S in-wall subwoofer from Next Level Acoustics I jumped at the chance. First of all…. This speaker just looks good! Secondly, The combo has an outstanding and intriguing design pedigree with Mr. John...
  3. Todd Anderson

    Fusion Frame is the Perfect Audio Mate for Samsung’s Frame TV

    (November 20, 2019) Samsung’s Frame TV is undoubtedly a niche product, targeting those that value aesthetics and styling over all else. The entire gist of the TV, which can cost as much as $1,700, revolves around its 1.75” cabinet that resembles a flush-mount picture frame. And while Frame...
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