1. ColdComfort

    Studio monitor calibration - some questions

    Hi All- I'm new to REW, and have some questions. I'm helping a friend build out a mixing area around his DAW. He has a home studio that he periodically records bands performing in, and wants to improve his mixing by using studio monitors rather than headphones. I'd like for us to calibrate the...
  2. Living Room / Home Cinema / Audioholic Room

    Living Room / Home Cinema / Audioholic Room

    For a house, bought shortly a high-end Home Cinema with Audiophile qualities shall be built. Controllable via Siri, Google Home and Home Automation System. The aim is to enjoy a great surround + atmos experience (7.4.4), uniform bass response, very low distortion up to reference gain at the...
  3. G

    Does it matter what speakers are used with REW? Noobi question

    Hi, this is a simple question and I can't find an answer. I've read a lot of documentation and watched a bunch of videos about REW, and am playing with it on my home system. I've not seen any advice on what speakers to use. The given directions are all the same: hook up your speakers. So does it...
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