goldenear reference series

  1. Tom L.

    Mighty Mini Marvel! The GoldenEar BRX - Bookshelf Reference X Speaker – Full Review

    The Review I make no bones about it; I'm a fan of GoldenEar products. I firmly believe they are one of the very best "value to performance" loudspeaker companies in the marketplace today. As I think back on it, maybe, just maybe, I'm more of a Sandy Gross fan. I seem to gravitate toward...
  2. 7.4.4 Home Theater Room - Updated

    7.4.4 Home Theater Room - Updated

    This is probably the 5th iteration of my home theater space since I first built it out in early 2021. Started off with entry level speakers and have worked my way up to what may very well be end game speakers for me. Lots of lessons learned over the past few years. Thanks to Todd, et al, at...
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