1. Todd Anderson

    iFi Audio's Diablo 2 Now Resides as the Brand's Flagship Portable DAC/Headphone Amp

    (November 18, 2023) Two years ago, iFi Audio released its top-tier battery powered DAC/headphone amp the iDSD Diablo. Designed for purists looking for the best audio performance from a transportable device, the Diablo was offered for a dollar short of $1,000 with the promise of unadulterated...
  2. deercreekaudio

    Home Theater Multi-Subwoofer Setup - New Blog Post from Deer Creek Audio

    Deer Creek Audio has published a new blog post covering Home Theater Multi-Subwoofer Setup for miniDSP, REW and Dirac Live. This paper walks you through the setup of your home theater multi-subwoofer configuration using the miniDSP 2x4 HD, DDRC-24 or Flex. This process helps optimize the...
  3. J

    Hearing loss and DACs

    I have been a music lover for over 60 years. My military career offered me the chance to try out a lot equipment and I even sold top end equipment when I retired. My career also impacted my hearing and my high frequency hearing peaks around 8kz. Music can still sound great even with that...
  4. Todd Anderson

    iFi Audio's xDSD Gryphon DAC/Headphone Amp Delivers High-Level Analog and Digital Performance in One Device

    iFi Audio’s latest creation is a fusion of its popular xCAN and xDSD ‘x-series’ of portable devices, borrowing the xDSD’s digital approach to DAC/Headphone duties and the XCAN amp’s analog sensibilities. The result is the xDSD Gryphon, a half-pound battery-powered DAC/Headphone amp endowed with...
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