cinema 40

  1. Robert Zohn

    Marantz 2023 Flagship CINEMA 40 9.4 ch. A/V Receiver

    Marantz's very first allocation of their new flagship CINEMA 40 9.4 125 Watts per channel A/V receiver has just shipped to our store. Marantz's CINEMA 40 has a Premium 9.4 channel 125-watts-per-channel amplification, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Auro 3D, and 8K Ultra HD plus HEOS Built-in streaming...
  2. Todd Anderson

    Marantz CINEMA Series 70, 60, 50, and 40 Receivers Thread

    Marantz recently launched its all-new Cinema Series of AV Receivers. We covered the launch at CEDIA 2022: There Series has 4 different receiver models, as follows: CINEMA 70 Channels: 7.2 – 50 Watts per channel and 4 sub woofer outputs Watts Per Channel: 50w (8 ohm 20-20kHz) Processing...
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