My linn system

Linn Exakt system


Linn Exakt 5.1 system speakers 350 front and akudorik rear centre akurate 225
klimax Kdsm
kaleidescape and oppo
sim2 Neo 4
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The system allows you to perform space optimization which is very impressive having worked out the ideal position for the speakers they can then be put in their practical position once this is done the system can be optimised for types of walls ceilings windows and doors within the room And then further tweeked the sound is awesome
Nice looking setup! I like what you've done with the space!

Does the screen drop down in front of the speakers?
They are great had ten in all initially tried them up behind the speakers interesting system sounded worse with that many but with them set up as they are definitely improved the sound
That is one MASSIVE subwoofer! Very cool.
It integrates very well with the speakers was suprised how much the sub improved the mid range and the high range not logical I know it also cleaned up the bass use the system to listen to music as well as films
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