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    Yamaha TSR-7850 LPF ??

    Not sure I get the question, Michael. Is there some reason to believe the Yamaha’s bass management doesn’t work the same way as the Onkyo? Regards, Wayne
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    Help on setting the “ optimal “ position for the gain knobs on power amps

    First I’ve hard about the Marantz being noisy, but if it’s true you’ve run up against a common problem with highly efficient speakers like yours: They are very unforgiving of components that aren’t dead silent. The recommendations you’ve been seeing on setting the amplifier’s gains are...
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    New on the forum and already in need of help

    This post should help: P.S. welcome to the Forum! Regards, Wayne
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    Feature Request - Separate Cal file for external mic preamp

    All you need is a soundcard calibration file. See the Help Files for info on how to create one. It can be loaded separately from the mic calibration. Regards, Wayne A. Pflughaupt
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    Am I going in the right direction?

    Probably not. I suggest wading though this article for a better understanding on how to read waterfall graphs. Regards, Wayne A. Pflughaupt
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    Is Rew eq w/out minidsp possible?

    What @JStewart said. I don’t have it that good even with EQ! Regards, Wayne
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    Crossovers, speakers and subs

    The “results” would depend on the room and sub placement, not the crossover frequency. Regards, Wayne
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    Bass response

    What Sonnie said. Sofware-based EQ can only be used with the source it is operating from. It won’t work for things like Roku, a blu-ray player, etc. Regards, Wayne
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    IEMs, have you tried them, and what do you think?

    Right. So IEM, not EIM. Regards, Wayne
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    IEMs, have you tried them, and what do you think?

    I suppose EIM stands for something? Regards, Wayne
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    Are there any functions that are not used in REW ?

    I would expect that most people don't use all the functions, but all features are used by someone. The only functions I use are frequency response sweeps, RTA and occasionally waterfall. Regards, Wayne
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    Exterior ambient noise measurement?

    Thanks for the info. Getting back to your original question, a hand-held meter would certainly be the most convenient, given that you just grab it and turn it on at the “random times of day” you feel inclined to take a measurement. The reason prices vary so much is accuracy and features...
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    Exterior ambient noise measurement?

    That would depend if you're trying to determine the frequency content of the noise, the dB level, single-reading or time-lapsed. Regards, Wayne
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