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    New System with Small Speakers for Quality Listening

    For highest value, I recommend the PSB Alpha series or SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers. As a modest step up, you might want to check out the PSB Imagine XB or the SVS Ultra Bookshelf. In addition, the SVS 3000 Micro is a lot of sub in a small package. Both companies offer generous no-risk trial...
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    PSB celebrates its 50th year

    Huge PSB fan here…thanks for posting!
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    PSB Celebrates 50 Years with a Virtual Live Event – Registration is Open Now!

    Thanks, Todd! I love PSB products. Just signed up!
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    CES 2022: Mark Levinson Unveils Its First Headphone Design. Meet the All-New № 5909!

    Very cool, thanks for posting. I’m a bit of a headphone nerd, so this sort of thing really appeals to me. I currently use a pair of Sony WH1000-XM4 headphones for BT ANC duty. It will be interesting to see how these much more expensive cans compare.
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    ? BEST STAX - SCHIIT MAGNIUS / Lokius / Grace Design Standard DAC Balanced

    There’s a good review of the Lokius on Spoiler: Amir wasn’t too impressed with it.
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    Black Friday 2021 still has Focal Clear headphones on sale for $990, a discount of $500. Mine are coming in Monday!
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    PSB Speakers Launches New Flagship Synchrony Series

    Yeah, I listen to them on a pretty regular basis. The driver configuration on the Synchrony One is similar to that of the T600 except that the woofers are situated at the top, center, and bottom of the baffle, with the midrange and high frequency drivers positioned between the top and middle...
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    PSB Speakers Launches New Flagship Synchrony Series

    Thanks for posting this, Todd! I have owned a pair of the original Synchrony Ones since 2010 and still enjoy them as much as I did when they were new. I can only imagine how good the new and improved version sounds.
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    REW on M1Mac?

    Quick easy question: can REW be downloaded on the new M1 Mac yet (macOS Big Sur 11.4)? If not, any idea when it will become available? Thanks!
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    14" slim and light laptop for audio storage and listening software

    Thanks to everyone for the helpful responses. I’ll be going with either a MacBook Pro or the Air. Can’t resist that M1 speed!
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    Round Two: Enter to Win a Free miniDSP UMIK-2 Microphone!

    I’m in for round 2! Good luck to everyone (especially me ;))!
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    14" slim and light laptop for audio storage and listening software

    Hi, Sonnie, your last statement regarding Apple products got my attention. I used Windows-based laptops until about 9 years ago when my wife and I replaced our HP with a MacBook Pro. You’re not the first audio professional I’ve heard criticizing Macs, but I’ve never seen any specific reasons why...
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    Help me decide please?

    You set levels for taking measurements inside the Dirac software using your laptop; no remote is involved in that process. For the most part, the DDRC remote is only used for adjusting volume while playing music and selecting which presets/projects you want to use for playback EQ. Without the...
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    Help me decide please?

    My DDRC remote operates the volume on the integrated, but I don’t think you have to have it in order for the DDRC to work, as it was an optional accessory. If you haven’t already done so, you may want to follow up with miniDSP customer support.
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    Help me decide please?

    Does your integrated amp have preamp out and main in connections? I use those for connecting the DDRC-24 to my integrated, and it works perfectly.
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