Tim Hector

I started in Audio at CMC Stereo in1979 in St. Louis,Later I went to SpeakerCraft/Marcof Electronics where I was General Manager, there I learned a tremendous amount about Speaker design and have improved every years since. I've had my own store (Sounds Right) and I've been a manufacturers rep. I've been to approximately 25 CES's.
Apr 16, 1959 (Age: 65)
St. Charles Missouri
Preamp, Processor or Receiver
SST Ambrosia and Accuphase Clone
Main Amp
Sumo Nine (Rebuilt with outstanding parts)
Additional Amp
Other Amp
DIY Jeff Rowland 535.... found original boards
Computer Audio
Dedicated laptop optimized for music
Denafrips Enyo
Front Speakers
DIY - 2 Channel
Velodyne (when used), Klipsch
Other Speakers or Equipment
Streaming Subscriptions
DIY DAC, ES9018, ES9038Q2M, AD1862 all Comp Audio
Satellite System
Living room: Marantz SR19 Receiver / SLS Q line mtm fronts, polk center channel, JBL Subwoofer


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