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    Automatic selection for the Inputs/output

    Dear John, I use REW on Mac for SPL and Impedance measurements, so depending on the measurement I have to change the inputs and the output of the audio card. Do you think it would be possible to add the possibility that, depending on the type of measurement chosen, REW automatically stores and...
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    SPL calibration doesn't update the reading

    Hi John, "Do you mean that the mic cal files had a Sensitivity line in them?" Yes, correct.
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    SPL calibration doesn't update the reading

    Hi John, nevermind, found the reason, I had a mic cal file applied on each microphone input for my audio interface. Sorry about this, thank you. Regards.
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    SPL calibration doesn't update the reading

    Hi John, on latest REW build on Mac OSX High sierra when calibrate the SPL the meter doesn't update the value I am calibrating using a 94 dB SPL calibrator. this is before the calibration then during the calibration After the calibration Also if I enter any value in the SPL reading...
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    Mic sensitivity .cal file

    Dear John, I am on Mac OSX, latest REW build. I do have a sound card with 8 inputs with each a different microphones/sensors. I would like to make a sensitivity cal file for each input, in order to not repeat the calibration process every time I switch input. I do not want to load a SPL Meter...
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    REW won't open on my Mac

    Probably you are clicking on an old app icon that was left in "/Users/your home folder/Applications" folder. You should open REW from "/Users/your home folder/Applications/REW" folder. It happened to me also few times.
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    smd power inductors measurements

    Hi John, i have made a set of measurements for some smd shielded power inductors, in the range 22uH-5.6mH. In the description of each measure there is the inductance value and the DCR as stated by the manufacturer. In the notes, the first line between the brackets is the measure made at 1KHz...
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    REW Beta Release New requested features in REW, upgrade level meter.

    Hi Antonio, you are right, but I do deal with earphones and different measurements scenario. My measurement rig is made of different audio interfaces from 2 In/out to multiple In/out like the RME UC audio interface and I do switch frequently from impedance to SPL measurements and also I switch...
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    REW Beta Release New requested features in REW, upgrade level meter.

    Hi John, would be also great if the input numeric label units could be independently selected on the two inputs so as to show for example an SPL value on channel 1(usually used for the microphone) and a voltage value for channel 2(usually a loopback). Thank you, Oliver.
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    Thanks for the update.

    Hello John, just wanted to thank you for the update, I was waiting so hard for this "Allow TS parameter driver area entries up to 0.1 sq cm with 2 decimal places" :) Thank you. Oliver.
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    TS parameters

    Great, thanks a lot John!
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    TS parameters

    Hi John, I am on Mac OSX 10.13.6 with REW 5.20 last build. I am trying to measure TS paramenters for earphones speakers, in the size 6-10mm. It seems that "Effective Area" parameter cannot go below 1, so I am not able to get the correct values. Is there a way to be able to enter really small...
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