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    Audiolense XO? Is this my solution?

    The Lynx Hilo that Mitch uses would be perfect for your setup. 4 balanced out channels (2 XLR, 2 TRS), with 2 more available though the headphone out.
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    Issues with AL

    Turns out it was missing Motu drivers.
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    Plugin analyzer

    Somewhere here I saw a comment about a before/after vst plugin analyzer that shows the effect of a plugin on an audio stream. Apparently I’m not smart enough to have bookmarked it or use the site search to find it. Anyone know what I’m thinking of? I want to use it for system testing convolution...
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    Klipsch Jubilees & Sub

    Much like JBL M2s, Jubillees are two way main speakers that require biamplification and active crossovers to work. Currently the OP has a 4x8 Xilica DSP with rudimentary IIR filters designed by Klipsch for cinema theater installations. I’ve heard these in a normal room with configuration as the...
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    8ch dac for AL and Roon?

    Have you thought about running Roon Bridge on something like a used Mac Mini? The 2012 ones can be had for $200 these days. This would give you a Roon remote endpoint with the great driver support of MacOS for pro audio gear.
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    Remote volume control for AL convolver?

    When you do get a chance to implement volume control, have you thought about implementing external control through maybe OSC, which would allow a Roon plugin to control the convolver volume remotely?
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    Correction of tri-amplified horn loudspeakers

    I'm about to undertake crossovers for a 2.5 way system, where 4 drivers share the bass duties in a sealed enclosure. This insight has been very helpful.
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    Advantages to clock synched measurement microphone?

    So I'm just getting started and I have a UMIK and a 8 channel interface for my active crossovers. Is there any advantage to getting an analog calibrated mic and running it through the audio interface so the output and input share the same clock source? I've seen some mentions of this in the past...
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    Share photos of your Audiolense system

    Motu is well situated price/performance wise. And the 1/2 rack form factor for 8 channels works well for my setup.
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    Share photos of your Audiolense system

    These are currently active with FIR filters from REW and rePhase. Klipsch K510 theater horns with B&C75 2" CD. 2x12" Eminence Kappa Neo bass bin. 2x1000 DIY IcePower 1000ASP amp for the bass. Awaiting one more module to go to 4x1000w and 2.5 crossovers. DIY Hypex nc122mp nCore for horns...
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    Support for 2.5 way crossovers?

    One more quick question: how many taps should I use for 96khz down to say 25?
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    Support for 2.5 way crossovers?

    Thanks. The top horn crosses at 850hz and I'll experiment with low passing the bottom 12" between 200 and 100 to see where it sounds best with my room modes. Reading the help file now. So much I had to do manually with Rew and rePhase looks like it just works in Audiolense. I have Moto...
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    Support for 2.5 way crossovers?

    I have active speakers I built with a 2x12” bass bin and a cinema grade horn on top. I currently run these 2 way with filters I built myself with Rew and rePhase. I have an extra amp module on the way that will allow me to drive each 12” with it’s own channel, so I’d like to implement an active...
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