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    Dolby Atmos and REW

    No easy way of knowing. You really don’t want to measure through dynamic eq modes. They change the eq based on the level of the content. The test is very artificial. That should be judged based on sound alone. Do you like it? As for measuring the eq filters of the atmos channels with Audyssey...
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    Room EQ Wizard(REW): How to Adjust Scale of Graphs

    Working on it really slowly. I have some unexpected work life issues that have prevented me from putting the time in I need to. Had almost all the staff on a data team leave within a month for various reasons and as the manager of that work, I have to temporarily take it on. I also have to...
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    Dolby Atmos and REW

    Are you referring to Audyssey’s upmixer or eq. If the upmixer, then I agree this is not a good way to attempt to measure. It is highly unlikely you will get a discrete measurement of those speakers. If you are referring to the eq, that is on all channels. It’s always impacting your measurements...
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    What are your Favorite Subwoofer drivers?

    It’s the basis for the driver in the SVS 16 series. That should give you a sense of it’s performance. It’s an unusual subwoofer that has much higher linear excursion than its mechanical excursion limit would suggest. What is cool about it is that it handles a ton of power, has loads of linear...
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    ARC users?

    I’ve only used the one built into their subwoofers. It’s on my review list to get some gear from Anthem, but I’ve had to put that on hold so don’t expect to get to any of this until end of summer. Feel free to ask. We have good connections to Anthem and like to think we know a thing or two...
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    Do you isolate your gear?

    I’ve always been skeptical that they could make much difference. I’d be interested in what you guys find. I used to have some fancy isolation devices I picked up at Purdue University that we’re used to isolate microscopes and things like that. They used air to adjust the resonant frequency and...
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    Do you isolate your gear?

    While I agree with some of the things you are saying, I want to be very careful with our language. We can hold any opinion we want, but we must be very careful that we don’t try to shield our opinion from scrutiny through a misuse of the scientific method. Both statistically and conceptually...
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    Monolith 12" THX Ultra Subwoofer Review

    Nothing wrong with mixing size. The problem is that the lower output sub can become the bottle neck in the system. It all depends on how the subs compare. Subs are mostly about clean output, that is really the sound quality measurement. There are serious 12” subs capable of more output than some...
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    Monolith 12" THX Ultra Subwoofer Review

    But I agree with Michael here that you will have a lot of woofer for that space. But hey, I’m not judging. Overkill is fun.
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    Monolith 12" THX Ultra Subwoofer Review

    I would do the Monoprice 15. It will have more output below 40hz but is the only one that would keep up above 40hz. Adding a smaller sub would potentially limit your bass output. While you may not need the output, you also don’t want to be in a situation where a sub is overloading.
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    Church Loudspeaker Tuning

    M noise would only be used for measuring maximum SPL, like setting limiters. Not for EQ or any other form of optimization (e.g. phase/time alignment) that is necessary. Its a great test signal, but it serves a very limited purpose in the overall setup process.
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    Sound United Grows Larger, Adding Onkyo to Its Arsenal

    When this was first announced I was discussing it with an industry expert who pointed out that Yamaha had, until now, a dominant position in the market. They were by far the largest receiver manufacturer (I didn't realize that). As a result, it was reasonable for Sound United to purchase its...
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    Should I worry about overdoing it?

    David told me that not all vinyl is mono in the bass? Is that true. I had read so many times that it was. He gave me some specific albums to check out but I don’t own them and didn’t intent to go buy albums just to analyze them. It’s good to know that he isn’t all wet and there are folks...
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