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    Spl meter and more....

    I know this is an old thread but I will add my two cents about the OmniMic. The factory calibration file is rubbish. I had mine calibrated by Cross Spectrum Labs and the two curves are not even close. I do like the OmniMic for it's simplicity and how easy it is to get setup to take measurements...
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    Experience MQA and Qobuz at AXPONA, Get Educated and Win Freebies!

    Hi Issac, We had the Vita with the 2TB hard drive at AXPONA. We used it to store all of our personal music as well as stream Tidal. It is a good solution if you have a mix of both and overall didn't have any major issues with it. We only had it for a brief period to play with it so it's...
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    driver impedance and measurement rig

    Relative positioning of the woofer and tweeter is only relevant for acoustic measurements (frequency based) , not electrical (impedance based) measurements. Yes, it is constructive and destructive interference that plays a roll in this but it dictated based on overall 3D location on an x/y/z...
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    "lighter duty" or higher output speaker for surround sound

    A tower speaker won't localize anymore than a surround. The only differences in the designs are that surrounds would normally be placed close to a wall so most manufacturers would design less baffle step into the crossover.
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    driver impedance and measurement rig

    1. You can measure them together but it will only give you an idea of what the two drivers operating with no crossover will look like. There really isn't a reason to measure them like you are proposing unless you have the crossover on each. 2. It usually takes significant changes in dimensions...
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    Mid-bass lacking

    I agree. A speaker might have output down to 30 Hz but that doesn't mean it can get that loud at those frequencies. Having the crossover higher (I personally use 60 Hz) keeps excursion off your mains and leads to a cleaner overall sound coming out of them.
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    Mid-bass lacking

    Can you push the area down above 160 Hz with Dirac? Maybe the level is just off in the crossovers on the woofers compared to the mids/tweets. Have you verified you have the speakers connected in the correct polarity? You could also check the woofers separately with a 9V battery test. It's...
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    Expensive doesn't always mean better sound

    We were extremely surprised last year at how few companies had any form of room treatment in their non-optimal hotel room.
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    AXPONA 2019: Tried to book my room today, but the Renaissance is sold out

    We'll be at the SpringHill Suites by Marriott. The Renaissance is fairly expensive and we can't use our business card rewards points there, whereas we can stay for free at the Marriott.
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    The Boomsticks - A high WAF, Lifestyle System Alternative w/ Great Sound

    That was for effect, referencing Army of Darkness, but they come in close to $300. I don't remember the exact cost but I think it might have been a little less before the cabinets.
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    The Boomsticks - A high WAF, Lifestyle System Alternative w/ Great Sound

    Image_65776 by Kerry Armes posted Feb 7, 2019 at 2:14 PM This is a project I did for Parts-Express. It was an open design so I figured I would share it here for everyone. I can't get some of the pictures to upload correctly so here is a link with the cabinet dimensions and crossover info...
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