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    According to some of the online docs, the EXTENSIBLE type is for higher sample rates, larger bitdepths, higher channel counts, etc. For my initial test files, I used soxi to find the data size, chopped off the head of each file leaving just the (n-byte) data portion and then did a binary diff...
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    John, Thanks much, that would be very helpful.
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    I tried opening a wav file created in SoX 14.4.2 and got an unsupported format error on load. The original file was generated by REW as a 32-bit 192kHz white noise file that was converted to a raw format by SoX and back again to wav. It appears SoX is specifying the type as...
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    Using REW for a U-DIO8 triamped speakers

    @Trdat , You can use the WMD driver to send a left or right signal to your JRMC's convolution/tri-amp configuration and measure the aggregate results in REW. If you want to see the results of each XO, you will have to disable 2 of your 3 channels per side (in JRMC or turning off amps) and...
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    Debian 11 - Bullseye and latest 64-bit RC - Thanks John

    Just built out a new machine with Debian 11 - Bullseye 64-bit and the latest RC. REW no longer blows up when trying to plot a Waterfall or Spectrogram. I was never able to get this to work on Debian 10 - Buster 64-bit. Thanks John for fixing this. It is very helpful.
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    Audiolense measuring multi channel with J-river

    Koldby, There is a Windoze quirk that causes the newer version of the JRMC's WMD to show up as an older version of the JRMC WMD. I have seen that on my own machine and there are some posts concerning it on JRMC's user forum. Even though the v27 WMD is installed, Windoze still displays v25.
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    Export / Import Question

    UPDATE: Figured it out. The exported copy does not include the mic calibrations. Please disregard. When you export an IR or Measurement as Text or Wav, should it import back identically ??? When I do it, the low frequency rolls off and the high frequency is increased. Any ideas what I am...
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    REW Beta Release Waterfall Error on REW 5.20 RC6

    If I enable Use OpenGL in Debian Buster, the entire REW app starts all blacked out. Is there a specific OpenGL version requirement for REW in Linux ? Thanks in Advance
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    Advantages to clock synched measurement microphone?

    If your multi-channel soundcard has mic inputs controlled by the same clock as its outputs, use it to eliminate the separate USB clock deltas.
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    Support for 2.5 way crossovers?

    deleted - wrong thread
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    Support for 2.5 way crossovers?

    Audiolense XO allows you to configure overlapping crossovers by selecting checkboxes on the "Edit Speaker Setup/Cross Over Configuration" tab window. When you enable the options you get a warning that no sanity checks will be done. The options also allow you to use different XO widths.
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    Hi All

    Glad to hear you are up and running. It is still strange that the path name in the error message had a double directory entry.
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    Hi All

    The directory path looks questionable. There are 2 "Measurement" in the path "...\Measurement\Measurement\...". Mine only has a single Measurement on 4 versions of AL. Check to see if the "\Measurement\Measurement" directory exists.
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    Audiolense filters & DAC filters

    FWIW, I measured the 7 Sabre DAC filters on my DAC using 48, 96 and 192KHz sample rates using a hardware loopback which measured the sound card, PC and DAC only (no amp, speakers or room interactions). The FRLP (Fast Rolloff Linear Phase) filter had the widest, flattest frequency amplitude and...
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    Audiolense 6.14 is out

    I ordered a faster CPU (that should arrive next week) as the final upgrade to this machine (before completely replacing it). I will try again with it to see if the inconsistent delay issues are (in part) resource constraint related. I have ran Thesycon's DPC Latency Checker and everything is...
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