Retired USNavy. Sound enthusiasts for the past 50 years.

Additional equipment: Secondary media area for casual TV watching and Gaming: TV: Sony XR-65A80J; AVR: Sony STR-DN1080 (was free, so good deal); Speakers: 5.1 set-up, all GoldenEar: SuperCinema 3D XL for the L/C/R, ForceField 3 Sub (8" driver, bottom firing passive radiator, & 1,000 watt built in amp), Aon3s for surrounds. Gaming console: Sony PS-3 (disk version).

2-chnl setup: iPad Pro running the Qobuz app (also use iTunes for Apple Music, but mostly Qobuz), running through a Satechi base to utilize the USB A out to the USB-B input on a Denafrips Iris Digital-to-Digital Converter (DDC), then coax out to a Denafrips Aries II R2R DAC, then RCA out to a PrimaLuna Evo300 Tube Integrated Amp, and out to a pair of Polk Audio Legend L800s ... enjoying Pink Floyd ...
Rapid City, South Dakota
Preamp, Processor or Receiver
Denon AVR-3700H
Main Amp
Emotiva XPA-11 Gen 3
Additional Amp
Emotiva XPA-2 Gen 3
Other Amp
PremaLuna Evo 300 Tube Integrated Amp for 2-chnl
Computer Audio
iTunes via AppleTV 4K
Denafrips Aries II R2R DAC
Universal / Blu-ray / CD Player
Sony UBP-X800M2
Front Speakers
SVS Ultra Towers
Center Channel Speaker
SVS Ultra Center
Surround Speakers
SVS Ultra Bookshelves
Surround Back Speakers
Polk Audio LSi M702 f/x
Front Height Speakers
Polk Audio MC80 in ceiling
Rear Height Speakers
Polk Audio MC80 in ceiling
Dual SVS PB-3000 Pros
Other Speakers or Equipment
Polk RTi A9s / GoldenEar Triton Fives & Aon 2s
Video Display Device
Sony XR-77A80J
Streaming Equipment
AppleTV 4K, StreamTV
Streaming Subscriptions
Netflix, AppleTV, Discovery+, Prime, Curiosity Stream, HBO Max, Hulu, StreamTV, Qobuz, and Apple Music
Other Equipment
Valencia Tuscany XL theater seating;


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