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    CES 2021: LG Introduces Five New Series of OLED TVs, QNED miniLED TVs, and More!

    I do see it when watch a movie or screen shot with light solid color ... unfortunately. Wifey watches a channel with a fix logo all day long this is why ...
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    CES 2021: LG Introduces Five New Series of OLED TVs, QNED miniLED TVs, and More!

    Hi Todd, I have the same issue as DonH57, on my 65" OLED several years old (3~4 years) where a logo burned it's spot of the screen .. is there any fix for that after the fact?
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    Audiolense and Group Delay Efficacy Questions

    I am not familiar with the Audiolense, however your issue is not from the Audiolense, it is related to several things...speakers placement, Amp and preamp balancing issue between the 2 channels and so on. The type of equipment/ i.e. speakers you have?. The problem you stated sounds like in the...
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    REW Beta Release What is the difference between Impulse Response and ETC curve and which one to use for Time Alignment?

    Hi John, 1- When the IR (Impulse Response) is measured for a speaker using the MIC at listening position and then comparing it with the ETC curve noticed that the timing for each is off by a few ms ,,, which curve is better or more accurate to use for time alignment.? 2- and also noticed that...
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    Crossover Design in Vituix

    Hi, don't have the ability to change things since this is an admin privilege.
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    Crossover Design in Vituix

    I have to agree with "jmpsmash" since the room will play a big roll in the outcome I would test the driver and use the resulted curve and work from there. All other measurement are irrelevant in the room your are placing the driver in.
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    What constitutes an Audiophile or Videophile?

    I have to agree with all of the opinions .. however, I may ad that an audiophile is like someone who likes wine, when you taste a very good wine you need more and you will never go back to that cheap wine. The same goes with the good sound.
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    Critical or casual music listening

    Very good topic ... In away listening to music as a critical listener/audiophile is like tasting a good wine, once you had that experience you'll always want to have the good wine and the same is with listening to a good system /music. On the other hand listening critically or just casually...
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    What is causing Excess Group Delay?

    My first reaction is what frequency is the sub xover sat at? Whenever the phase response is linear with the respect to the frequency then the group delay is always constant, however according to the photo the 270 HZ is way too high for a sub of this caliper to be sat, since the group delay is...
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    What is causing Excess Group Delay?

    Not sure of what is the problem .. And what trying to achieve.
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    Denon and Value Electronics Announce the Limited Edition 110th Anniversary SACD Player/Network Server

    Robert Zohn, how the player does sound? And what did you compare it to ..thanks
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    REW, when multiple incidents of REW are opened at the same time REW can't tell which file is open under which REW incident

    When comparing old REW test file with new test file ( to insure less confusion) 2 incidents of REW were opened for each of the test files. The file name was not displayed anywhere for each REW incident. Expected result: When a test file is opened, it would be beneficial to have the file name...
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