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    Custom colors in EQ Tool?

    Yes, of course, don't know why I wasn't finding Trace Options. Much better now, thanks!
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    Custom colors in EQ Tool?

    It is difficult to differentiate actual response and predicted response curves in the REW EQ Tool. Can custom colors for each curve be assigned? If not, is it a reasonable request to add this enhancement to a future REW release? Example showing both curves in the same color:
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    Dirac Bass Management Question

    Every processor has, or has had, its problems. The HTP-1 has a track record of good support, and issues have been addressed quickly. It is in a solid state now, which is more than I can say about Emotiva products. Good results can be had with the MiniDSP 2x4, but still not as good as DLBC...
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    Dirac Bass Management Question

    Before making any purchases, you should take some time to familiarize yourself with the Monolith HTP-1 in this thread: There are a number of previous Emotiva owners who have switched to...
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    Dirac Bass Management Question

    Unless MiniDSP has announced something since I owned an 88A, the 88A does not support DLBC. And keep in mind that any processor that supports DLBC requires a dedicated output for each sub. So, for example, if you have four subs, there would only be four outputs left on an 8-channel processor...
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    is it possible to import/draw target curves within the RTA?

    To add a bit of how-to detail to @jtalden's response. Starting with a typical target curve, which is text file with a series of frequency values with level offsets, like this Dirac target curve with bass boost: NAME Harman 6dB DEVICENAME Unnamed BREAKPOINTS 30.00000 6.50000 40.00000 6.36800...
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    Monolith HTP-1 16-Channel Processor

    I have installed 1.9.1 and can confirm that seems to be free of issues. I never experienced the "boot loop issue", so cannot confirm that the update resolves this issue.
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    Some guides to REW and acoustic measurement

    @John Mulcahy: the link to my REW guide in post 1 is stale. Kindly update the link to Getting Started with REW
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    Distortion noise coming from my speakers measuring with REW

    Thanks for confirming. I'll add a note to the REW Guide for users experiencing similar issues. I trust @John Mulkahy will see this result as well.
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    Distortion noise coming from my speakers measuring with REW

    My ASIO buffer remains at the default it set upon installation--512 samples. I haven't been experiencing any noise issues. I wonder what is different about our setups? Interesting to hear from @meek81 as to whether increasing the buffer size resolves his issue as well.
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    Distortion noise coming from my speakers measuring with REW

    While I agree that getting ASIO working properly would be the best solution, you can still be reasonably productive using the Java drivers. To measure the center channel, set the AVR sound mode to Dolby Surround (or Dolby ProLogic II, depending on what your processor has), and then output the...
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    Distortion noise coming from my speakers measuring with REW

    Page 14 of the guide recommends setting the Windows Audio sample rate to 48KHz, which matches the sample rate of the UMIK-1. The newer UMIK-2 supports a 96KHz sample rate, so the Windows Audio setting should be set to the same value.
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    Room EQ Comparison

    Well, Dirac Live now has the Dirac Live Bass Control, which can equalize multiple subs, including optimizing the sub-sat splice, which widens the gap between Audyssey and Dirac.
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    Qobuz Brings Hi-Res 24-bit Audio to Sonos

    Thanks for the reply, Todd. I'll continue my evaluation and report back if I find an answer.
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