Preamp, Processor or Receiver
Yamaha RX-A3060, RX-V1900, RX-V1075
Universal / Blu-ray / CD Player
Yamaha BD-S681, Sony UBP-X800, Oppo BDP-83
Front Speakers
PSB Image T65, PSB Century 800, PSB Century 300
Center Channel Speaker
PSB Image 8C, PSB Century200, PSB Century 100
Surround Speakers
PSB Image 1B, RBH A600, PSB Alpha Minis
Surround Back Speakers
PSB Image 1B
Rythmik LV12-R, PSB Subsonic 6, PSB Subsonic 5
Video Display Device
UN65KU6491 65"/UN55MU7000 55"/UN50MU7100 50"
Remote Control
Logitech Harmony 650
Streaming Equipment
BlueSound Node2i


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