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    Recently I just purchased the Yamaha Aventage RX-A3080 to replace my old marantz SR7005. Below are some of my view and some of my question. I hope someone can really help to solve my problem. I have experience with the marantz for the pass 8 years, therefore all the comment or test on Yamaha is benchmark to the sound that I heard from marantz AVR.

    1) Background Music is too low, and the vocal is so loud.
    - first of all I notice after I do the calibration on the Yamaha AVR is that, it tend to produce a strong vocal and not bringing up the background music. This is different than what I heard from marantz. I tested few sound such as "Yao Si Ting - Speak Softly, Love". When I was using marantz, at the beginning when the music started, the guitar and the saxophone sound level is so low that it doesn't feel like exciting me. I dont feel the loud warm sound that make the music appealing anymore. I used to feel the sound like running through a class A amplifier sound. But with Yamaha, no matter how I tune it, the background music just isn't that loud compare to the vocal anymore.
    - I tried to call the support guys and get some neighbour to come over to hear their thought on it. And my neighbour feel the same way as I felt too. It isn't bad, but its just like the AVR is focusing so much on the vocal, it feel like the AVR is more for an old man that listening to old song and there is no fun in listen to more dynamic music. that is what my neighbour said. Even the support guy from Yamaha say the same thing too. So it firm that this Yamaha operate and handle the sound in this manner and maybe this is its signature.
    - The frustration is that when I am listening to music like slow rock, pop song and etc, I wanted also to hear the drum, the treble, the music instrument as loud as I can. It just the same as jazz or blue where vocal is the main thing about it. But I cant because when I increase the volume, the vocal get so loud and it hurt my ear.
    - My question is that, any way I can decrease the vocal an pump up the background music. Obviously I try to use the PEQ, but its the same.

    2) Pre-out 5.1-amp doesnt work
    - With marantz or even other AVR that I used before, I was always able to do 5.1 channel bi-amp using full pre-out. You see, I have a discrete amplifier and I do believe and tested that having external amplifier is so important and it make sound better in every way. But there seem to be problem on doing this setup. In the configuration, I set it to "7.2 bi-amp configuration". For the front speaker, I plug in to the pre-out (front) and pre-out (presence 1). There is no sound coming from pre-out presence 1. I thought it was hardware faulty, but when I test full 7.1 channel without bi-amp, all the channel pre-out is working. so its obviously that 5.1 bi-amp pre-out configuration is not working.
    - so what I did now is having the front pre-out together with AVR speaker terminal as the bi-amp. I dont know if this has any impact on the result quality due to different output source (one from external amp, and another one from AVR amp), but I am going to use XLR and stop the bi-amp once my XLR cable arrived.
    - anyone encounter anything on just issue?

    3) I dont think the YPAO calibration is a good job.
    - First of all this is my personally thought, and I am not condemning Yamaha or the technology of anything.
    - With marantz SR7005, with its simple Audessy XT, there isn't must setting that need to be done. Once its calibrated, all that I need to do is turn on the Audessy Volume and Audessy EQ. The Music become live, more stages feeling, and everything is good. Even when I increase or decrease the volume, all the sound can be heard. The best thing is that (maybe everyone knows about it), when it's on low volume, the music background and the vocal is adjusted so that I can hear everything at the same sound level. When the volume is increased, it does the same thing, so it feel really really loud and fun to listen to music. The vocal will not be to loud, nor does the background music. Everything is felt like its balance. But this is not the case with Yamaha. After the YPAO calibration , its still has all sort of other feature that need to be adjusted to get the optimal sound, which I dont understand why it should be there, if YPAO calibration can do a better job in the first place. Obviously, in my thought it does not. I am still encountering few issue like bass is not strong when or where it should be strong, background music should be strong as when or where it should be. Dialogue should be loud whenever or wherever it should be. But I need to set manually on basically every source I played. For example, there is this dialogue level that used to increase the dialogue level so it can be heard clearly during movie. I played different movie and found that the dialogue level are not automatically adjusted by the YPAO or the DRC feature. Such as the Lord of ring and jumanji. I need to increase the dialogue more on Lord of the ring movie as compare to jumanji. But why isn't the YPAO calibration doing it automatically? I tried playing it on marantz using Audessy XT. It was handle perfectly without me doing any tunning. Obviously the YPAO calibration did manage to solve the issue automatically, so there is need of the dialogue level function. Also there is this function called "extra bass". In Audessy XT, the bass management was done well enough that even my center speaker once set to "Large Speaker" can pump out so much of bass. Again the argument is why does Yamaha include in "extra bass", why not just calibrate the sound using YPAO properly and have more of automatically or intelligent sound management by itself. And there is DRC,DSP-level, and other thing to set. which I just don't find it logic to have , if the YPAO calibration can be done better, which it is not as compare to what audessy is doing.
    - There is just too much of setting that is not necessary and giving me too much of headache to figure out what to use on different type of source. And obviously with all the setting, I can't even get the background music as loud as the vocal. Every-time when listen to music, I need to turn few setting off, and turn few setting on. And when I watch movie, I have to do the same thing again. There is so much of work, which make me feel that Yamaha AVR is really not doing the thing it suppose to do, which is to AUTOMATICALLY calibrate the sound. Isn't that the purpose of all the expensive stuff in AVR? isn't that the purpose of buying AVR and all the sound processing feature?
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    This has been moved to the AVR forum, as it is not really a review like we looking for in the End-User reviews forum.

    Hopefully others that are familiar with this unit can chime in and help you with your issues.

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