Wolf Cinema's New TXF-3500 and Seymour-Screen Excellence Bring 8K to Life at CES 2019

Wolf Cinema's New TXF-3500 and Seymour-Screen Excellence Bring 8K to Life at CES 2019

(January 9, 2019) There’s nothing quite like experiencing the power of legendary brands joining forces to create a drool-worthy demo space. And, once again, Wolf Cinema, Seymour-Screen Excellence, Dynaudio, and AudioControl pooled resources to deliver a killer CES 2019 home theater experience.

Wolf Cinema anchored the video side of the room with its brand-new lamp-driven TXF-3500 8K home cinema projector. Based on a JVC equipment platform, The TXF-3500 houses Wolf’s secret sauce (aka the company’s ProScaler MK8 video processor) to throw an absolutely stunning 8,912 x 4,320 image. As Wolf Cinema’s Jim McGall enthusiastically touted: individual pixels simply weren’t visible, even when standing within a foot of the screen.

Yes folks, it was an eye-pleasing affair and the image was literally to die for. The TXF-3500 is pricey, but it’s legit.

Of course, no projector is complete without a quality screen to reflect an image, and that’s where Chris Seymour and his company’s new Ambient-Visionaire Black 0.9 gain film screen ($4,328) was positioned to perform. Hitting CES with a 110-inch 16x9 fixed frame design, Seymour-Screen Excellence complimented its screen with a rear mounted White Balance LED Lighting Kit ($490), which is designed to compensate for nearly any wall color to achieve 6500K. The intended result is an HDR and high-brightness viewing experience that’s less fatiguing on the eyes, and I found the overall experience to be quite nice.

On the audio-side, the room’s system was comprised of a 5.2 speaker array, headlined by Dynaudio’s Evoke 50 Towers ($4,499/pair) at the left and right channels. Filling out the compliment was the company’s Evoke 25C at center ($1,199), Evoke 10s ($1,499/pair) for rear channels, and dual Sub6 500-watt subwoofers ($2,800/each). The speakers feature trickle-down tweeter technologies found on the company’s more expensive Confidence and Contour lines of speakers, along with seriously attractive cabinets. And the subs are a true enthusiast’s dream, possessing the ability to dish controlled output flat to 16Hz.

Wolf's Jim McGall talks about the new TXF-3500 8K Projector

Commanding the speakers was AudioControl’s immersive sound capable Maestro M9 pre/pro ($8,900), feeding the company’s 5-channel Pantages ($2,500) and 7-channel Savoy ($3,000) 200 watt per channel amplifiers. Both amps employ what’s billed as a unique and highly-efficient Class H design, which AudioControl says can power limitless bass and effortless transients for a truly demanding home theater experience.

Obviously, audio in the room was well taken care of and I found the sound to be exacting and confident. When taken as a sum of its parts, the entire room was quite an experience, well worthy of its collective price tag!
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Wolf's 8K projector is making a demo appearance at ISE 2019... from Wolf:

"At the upcoming 2019 Integrated Systems Europe [ISE] Show, Wolf Cinema plans yet another spectacular home theater demonstration – this time in conjunction with Tau Audio Solutions, a leading European distributor of high performance residential and professional AV and communication systems. A reference home theater demonstration is planned, featuring Wolf Cinema’s latest TXF-3500 UHD/8Khome cinema projector. This remarkable new home cinema projector will be one of the must-see centerpieces of the ISE show over the course of next week’s event, as video enthusiasts everywhere begin to witness the benefits of 8K on-screen resolution. (Wolf Cinema, Amsterdam RAI, Hall 5, Space 5-S80)."

Read the full PR release, here: https://www.avnirvana.com/threads/wolf-cinema’s-8k-projector-will-be-front-and-center-at-ise-2019-delivering-yet-another-spectacular.4063/
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