Why does my Subwoofer Phase alignment look like this?


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Aug 16, 2022
My AV System  
Main Amp
Bias Q5
Void Stasys XAir's

I've just started using and learning REW, my goal is to make our club room sound better.

Currently one of the things I am trying to do is look at the phase relationship between my subs and tops, and I have watched many videos explaining the process. Most of these videos show a phase response that starts at the top left and will hit the bottom right and then wrap around. Ive tried quite a few measurements on my 2 current subs and am getting this strange phase response as pictured.

Is this something normal, or what could be causing this issue? Can provide any info needed

Subs - Void Stasys Xairs
Mic - Sonarworks Xref20
Audio interface - scarlette 2i2 first gen

Mic is hooked into input 1, output 1 - 2 run out of the interface into the amp.

phantom power is on, inputs set to line, i also followed the setup calibration videos and loaded in the 0 degree mic cali which is how i had the mic oriented.

sub phase.png
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