Sub Bass Finds A Way


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Nov 6, 2019
My AV System  
Preamp, Processor or Receiver
Denon AVC-X8500H Dolby Stereo CP200 Sony SDDS
Main Amp
Behringer inuke3000 NX3000/D Alesis RA300 20kw
Additional Amp
Behringer EPQ304 x7
Universal / Blu-ray / CD Player
Panasonic 900, 9000 THX / Pioneer DVD / Toshiba
Front Speakers
JBL control 12SR modifed five screen
Center Channel Speaker
JBL control 12SR
Surround Speakers
JBL 8330 mkII x6 / with Below Surround x12
Surround Back Speakers
JBL 8330 mkII x3
Front Height Speakers
JBL control 5 Height 1 front with Height 2 middle
Rear Height Speakers
JBL control 5 Height 3
JBL 4645 x2 JBL 4782 TCB x2
Other Speakers or Equipment
Dolby CP200 500 65 55 45 Sony SDDS Dolby A / SR
Video Display Device
LG OLED 65" / viewsonic 727 4k pixel shift
Transpraent screen 120"
Other Equipment
Lucasfilm Ltd THX Sound System 3417 professional

After doing some REW frequency sweeps as I enjoy frequencies :).
I have opened and closed certain doors in the flat and it seems to me they act like a band-pass filters at reducing some low frequncy wavelengths or increasing other frequency wavelengths.

JBL subs 1.jpg

The top first graph is with the door open in the room.
Second graph is with door closed wavelength shallows a bit.
Third graphs is with door open and another door closed at the bedroom where the wavelength on the lower lows has swallowed down a bit further.

The low frequencies are like zigzagging around the home to "find a way" to ether increase a bit or decrease yes some nulls are encountered as well.
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