StormAudio Bolsters Its Processor Lineup with New Industry Alliances

StormAudio Bolsters Its Processor Lineup with New Industry Alliances

(November 4, 2018) On the heels of a successful showing at CEDIA 2018, StormAudio says its brand is stronger and healthier than ever. The company used the show to demo its flagship 32-channel ISP 3D.32 Reference Edition pre/pro as part of a 15-channel Alcon Audio immersive arrangement, while also featuring its new ISP 3D.20 20-channel processor with a fantastically dynamic system comprised of Starke Sound speakers. Both processors, along with 16-channel pre/pro and integrated amp models, are part of an elite segment of gear that offer Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro-3D immersive sound support.

Recently, the company announced two new alliances to help strengthen product desirability in the custom install segment, highlighted by enhance remote management with Domotz. While all StormAudio processors ship with StormMonitoring – a web-based tool that installers can use to monitor and troubleshoot systems from afar – the inclusion of Domotz integration gives installers access to a premium support tool.

Domotz injects StormAudio gear with even greater (not to mention secure) functional tools for the custom installer, including “on-demand full-access to units for diagnosis and immediate correction.” Additionally, Domotz doesn’t require internet router configuration. Any installer interested in Domotz can purchase the service direct from Domotz and associated partner distribution channels, and any dealer currently using Domotz will now have access to StormAudio within their system.

“Domotz is a highly-efficient Remote Assistance as a Services solution for home theater systems installers,” says StormAudio USA Operations Service / Support Manager Chrisanne Rhodes. “We are thrilled to inform dealers that StormAudio fully integrates with Domotz.”

StormAudio has also announced a new relationship with Performance Media Industries (PMI) in an effort to streamline and improve the installation and calibration process. PMI offers custom installers a 90-step calibration service and three tiers of room design packages. Those packages include Level 1: Home Cinema Internal Acoustic Design, Level 2: Home Cinema Acoustical Isolation and Design, and Level 3: Full Home Cinema Audio and Video Design.

According to PMI’s president, Anthony Grimani: “Critical to all rooms are engineering, speaker placement and room acoustics. The StormAudio ISP Series are certainly the best immersive audio processors on the market, and very much deserving of this special attention to fully shine. However, work like this demands considerable time of the installer. This is where PMI comes into play - it is through our new alliance that StormAudio dealers can take advantage of our CEDIA award-winning services. This allows dealers to get the most out of the room while alleviating them of all the exacting and often tedious engineering.”

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