Signal generator behaves strangely


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May 24, 2017
Hi John,

I am on Mac OS High SIerra 10.13.6, MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) and MacBook pro 17", same beaviour.
On REW 5.20 beta 7 and also beta 8, on the signal generator if I select Volts for changing the level and push the arrow down it stops at 0,044 V and after that cannot increase it anymore.
If I select any other reference and decrease the level I can see that on "Volts" the level has changed too and gone under 0,044 V.
Two more minor issue,
I have some measurements taken with REW 5.20 beta 6 that have the 1/48 smooth symbol applied and cannot remove it (If I "remove smoothing" nothing change).
When I start REW the main window is always smaller than my screen size, if I resize it will alway start smaller.

Thank you,

John Mulcahy

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Apr 3, 2017
The Window behaviour is due to an oddity between Java and macOS that windows which were maximised (or close to maximised) on shutdown end up with zero size if they are restored that way on startup. My workaround is to not let windows start maximised.

The 1/48 smoothing is a side effect of allowing 96 PPO log spacing (in Analysis preferences). That produces smaller measurement files, but to avoid aliasing a 96 PPO response has to have 1/48 octave smoothing as minimum. If you want a fully unsmoothed version deselect the option to allow 96 PPO log spacing and hit "Apply Windows" from the IR Windows dialog.

I'll work out a way to fix the generator behaviour, it is because the generator is trying to change in steps of 0.1 dBFS and at 0.044 V that is less than a mV. As a workaround you can type a voltage figure directly into the signal generator level control or use one of the log scales.
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