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Feb 8, 2020
I have been learning as I go and this has been a very challenging endeavor. I have a two way Klipsch Jubilee speakers and a KPT-1802 sub that I have never tried to integrate. Been using MiniDsp SHD to PEQ and cross speakers and I have done all of this manually with good results when at 1 meter but in the room things get crazy. I have never run DIRAC on the SHD because I wanted to get the room the best I could before running. I started reading about audiolense and it sounds perfect. The biggest challenge is I have to buy new hardware if I make this move. I have a nice phono setup and I need an input for my phono preamp to feed and One for my CD player which is SPDIF. The rest of the music is on computer which is running Jriver 26. So to make this change the RME fireface UC, $1500 appears to have everything I need for hardware. Then the cost of good new cables because the RME is TRS, cost of audiolense and then I know I will have to pay someone for help to dial this in.
So I am looking for advice from People that have used MiniDsp and Dirac and Audiolense. Will Audiolense ultimately give you a superior setup over the minidsp and dirac?? The reason I ask is because this will require about $4K investment to buy hardware, software, and pay someone like Mitch Barnett to help me get through it. I wish I was technically more savvy with this but I am not. Mitch is a great guy and appears to be the man with this stuff. In the end I also dont want o wear Mitch out with lack of skills. I also hate computers and I know I will need help getting everything up and running and all the drivers correct. So many things to take into consideration and that is why I am on here looking for feedback on the potential end result with audiolense vs my potential end result now.
If Curious here are some files of what the speakers alone are like at 1 Meter dialed in and when you set the room up at a couple different listening positions.




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Feb 12, 2020
I have used many different room correction products with my modified Klipschorns and custom subwoofers, including Dirac Live. Audiolense works the best for me. To get the benefit you are lookin for, you must bi-amp your Jubilee speakers and use the digital crossovers in Audiolense. Going to digital crossovers is the biggest improvement you can make. I use a MOTU 16A audio interface for my multichannel set-up. You do not need a MiniDSP. The computer running Jriver can do it all. I use Jriver also. Mitch can help for sure and get your filters tuned the best.
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