PSB Officially Releases Its Flexible CSIR Subwoofer Module


(February 27, 2020) Revealed initially at CEDIA 2019 and recently showcased at ISE 2020, PSB’s all-new passive CSIR SUB is officially on the market. Unassumingly stylish and incredibly room-friendly, the company’s latest low-end creation is available in both black and white satin finishes.

The CSIR SUB is designed to provide insane levels of placement flexibility, allowing the sub to slide under furniture, fit neatly in a corner, or hang on a wall. Measuring 15.75” W x 15.75” H x 4.75” D (24.8 lbs), owners can stand the sub upright or place it on its back, taking advantage of integrated IsoAcoustics branded isolation pads. And for wall hanging applications, PSB includes a bracket mounting system.

The sub’s sturdy wood frame and sealed MDF cabinet house a single 10” woofer. This particular high excursion, shallow driver features a glass fiber and PMI sandwich cone driven by a balanced drive motor structure. Overall output is capable of hitting down to 25Hz, which is quite impressive considering the sub’s overall size.

Since the CSIR SUB is passive, it requires external amplification. In order to ease the decision-making process, PSB has created a matching sub amplifier unit (CS 500W). Possessing enough power to drive a dual CSIR system (500 watts), the CS 500W carries several selectable EQ settings and profiles tailored for PSB subwoofers. Additionally, an onboard limiter circuit acts as a safety guard, ensuring the amp won't accidentally deliver damaging levels of power.

Much like other PSB speakers, final voicing of the CSIR SUB was performed by the company’s Founder and Chief Designer, Paul Barton.
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