Portrait Displays and ASUS Announce World’s First Calman Verified Projector


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Apr 4, 2017
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Via Portrait's Press Release:

Pleasanton, CA USA – Portrait Displays, global leader in color calibration solutions and advanced display control, is excited to announce the release of the Calman Verified ASUS ProArt Projector A1.

Creators, designers, students, and professionals alike will now have access to easy color management and impeccable color accuracy within their creative spaces using the Calman Verified ASUS ProArt Projector A1. As a Calman Verified product, the ASUS ProArt Projector A1 comes pre-calibrated for a Delta E < 2 color difference. A tangible Calman Verified report accompanies each projector to authenticate that the product has been calibrated to the highest standards.

"The ASUS ProArt Projector A1 will meet the latest technical color specifications and international standards, delivering a brilliant lens to living room experience," explained Marcel Gonska, VP of Marketing, Portrait Displays. "By ensuring that each projector is Calman Verified, consumers and color professionals can expect excellent color straight out of the box."

"We’re honored to continue our partnership with Portrait Displays and its peerless color-calibration technology as we unveil the new ASUS ProArt projector line-up. This alliance strives to improve the creative workflow by offering the highest standards and color accuracy to ensure creators have the best tools to bring their ideas to life," said Vincent Chiou, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Display Business Unit, ASUS.

In addition to coming pre-calibrated for a Delta E < 2 color difference, ASUS ProArt Projector A1 boasts many features including bright FHD visuals via a 3000-lumen LED light source; wireless mirroring for seamless streaming with iOS, Android and Windows 10 device support; coverage of 98% sRGB and BT.709 color spaces; a wide range of connectivity options; and versatile controls. It includes 2D keystone correction and four-corner adjustment, plus a 1.2x zoom ratio for projecting in confined spaces. 2D keystone correction provides adjustments to achieve perfectly rectangular images, while the four-corner adjustment prevents image distortion when the projector is positioned off-center in relation to the projection surface.​
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