Please help with Sub integration into stereo setup... using Dayton imm-6

Discussion in 'Official REW (Room EQ Wizard) Support Forum' started by Utterchaos23, Jan 25, 2019.

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    Jan 25, 2019
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    Hi all, hoping some one can help!

    Having spent all my cash on a new sub, I've got none left to help me integrate it!

    I previously purchased a Dayton imm-6 (and AudioTools which I don't like!) and I am now attempting to use REW on a MacBook which looks so much better! Problem is, all the help I can find on-line assumes I have an external sound card for my Mac, not just the dayton imm 6 plugged into the mic/headphone port.

    I've installed the calibration file for the imm-6 and I can get readings. I can plug the out for the Dayton's "Y" into my amp line in and generate waves/sweeps/noise etc and the mic picks it up, and gives me a signal output(?)

    But from there on I'm not sure what to do... and whether I need to calibrate what to what...

    I think once I'm calibrated what I need is a line for my L&R... and a line for my Sub.. and then how to make the work together...

    Any help much appreciated... P.S. ... this is like Apollo 13, I need to make use of what I have already (see top of post about no cash!)

    I do have an external sound card, but only a shure sm58 or sm57 and I don't think I can attach the dayton to it.


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    Here is a link to a very well done REW User manual hosted on Dropbox, that will walk you through the setup. I hope it helps. 101 HTS Current Version.pdf?dl=0
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    Hi Utterchaos23,

    To better understand your audio setup what are you currently using for your source, pre-amp, amp, speakers/sub?
    Is your system 2.1-channel stereo? or multichannel 5.1 on up?

    For calibration are you mainly wanting to do level balancing with the sub to main speakers? or also bass management for a home theater type setup?


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