Periodic Audio SLASHES Prices on V3 In-Ear Monitors, Moves to Direct to Consumer Sales Model


(November 8, 2022) Periodic Audio is kicking off the final months of 2022 by radically slashing prices on its V3 IEMs, and announcing an interesting shift in business tactics. With price reductions of $70 to $200 across all four V3 models, Periodic's latest moves up its value proposition and accessibility to personal audio fans across North America.

“We feel so strongly that our line of IEMs represents significant value for the consumer,” said Dan Wiggins, co-founder of Periodic Audio. “We’ve spent years researching materials, acoustic geometries, mechanical architectures, and the relationships between them culminating to the new generation of products. After working hard to refine our manufacturing and material processes, our next logical step to reach a wider audience to eliminate additional operational overhead costs resulting in a direct sale model for North America.”

The V3 lineup is engineered with in-house design elements backed by extensive research. For example, Periodic's multi-year partnership with Eastman Chemical found that Tritan, a medical-grade copolyester used to craft its IEM bodies, delivers an exceptional (measurable) difference in performance when considering transient and harmonic distortion. The company's silicon eartips (offered in three sizes) are also scientifically proven to fit more than 95% of human ear canals.

Periodic's IEM durability is bolstered by features that take longevity into consideration. Consider the company's proprietary micro IDEEL connector that measures a mere 3.6mm wide and 9.5mm deep. Shedding the inconvenient size of a standard TS or TRS connector, the micro IDEEL plugs directly into the body of an IEM, allowing cabling to be detached and replaced if it becomes damaged. Not only does this save on future purchases, but it allows audio fans to enjoy their treasured IEMs for longer periods of time.

To counteract rising costs and the expense of manufacturing in the United States, Periodic Audio is shifting to a direct sales model in North America. This removes built-in distribution costs and allows the company to keep pricing low.

Pricing on the V3 series is as follows:
  • Mgv3 (was $199 now $99)—Transducer material: 96% pure magnesium (more details here)
  • Tiv3 (was $299 now $129)—Transducer material: Pure titanium (more details here)
  • Bev3 (was $399 now $249)—Transducer material: Beryllium (specs here)
  • Cv3 (was $499 now $299)—Transducer material: Lab-grown Diamond layer (8µm thick) on Periodic Audio’s proprietary high-temperature polymer substrate (more details here)
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