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If you are a new member, the staff and other members welcome you to avnirvana.com and sincerely hope that your time here will be enjoyable. Everyone wants to know who the members of our community are and what their interests are. Other members are happy to help solve problems if that is primarily why you came to us, or happy to get to know you if you just want to share interests with us. Almost everyone has knowledge and experience that others will find useful, even those who consider themselves novices, so don't be shy about sharing what you know and have done, or what your needs are.

Don't share more than you feel comfortable with, but please take a moment to introduce yourself in a new thread here. We would suggest making a separate post with specific questions in the most appropriate forum, but if you want to ask a specific question here, that is OK as well. You will likely be directed to the best forum location if you do, however, as this makes it more likely that those with the knowledge you seek will see the inquiry.

Tell us about you, what you like and don't like, and what you would like to get from AV NIRVANA. Hopefully your time here will be fulfilling and blissful.


Jun 5, 2017
Eastern North Carolina
My AV System  
Preamp, Processor or Receiver
Yamaha 2030 HT, Yamaha 2092 Stereo
Additional Amp
Crown XLS 1502
Other Amp
Onyko 50 watt in shop
Front Speakers
Airmotive T2's
Center Channel Speaker
Chane A2.4
Surround Speakers
NHT Super 2's
Front Height Speakers
Polk LS/FX
12'Cerwin Vega, BIC Formula12
Other Speakers or Equipment
NHT Super Ones, Heath AS-1373, 10" Yamaha AS ?
Video Display Device
Samsung Plasma
Remote Control
Too many
Streaming Subscriptions
ART EQ355, BSR EQ-110X, Sony CFD-S50, Technics tt
Hello all from Eastern North Carolina.

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May 5, 2020
Hello all,
I'm have a bachelor degree in electronics engineering and since I was 16 years old I had as a hobby building amplifiers and speakers. Today I am 67 years old and retired and so I can dedicate myself more to my hobby. when i was working i did a lot of training at hp in Loveland, Colorado. I also like to ride my bike and in my spare time I don't forget to go downhill. Today i'm setting up a small laboratory to perform amplifier and speaker box measurements.
In Brazil it is very difficult to set up a laboratory because the necessary instruments are difficult to acquire and very expensive.
Sometimes I was in the United States and had the opportunity to buy some instruments such as a true rms dvm from HP, 2 HP thd analyzers and an arbitrary function generator. Now I'm looking for a calibrated mike to realize some speaker measurements with computer software. Some other equipment I built myself such as a low distortion sinusoidal generator.


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May 5, 2020
From avnirvana i intend to exchange information about audio and related matters and know people with the same purpose.

Hello all from Eastern North Carolina.

Hello Leecreek,
My daughter two years ago was in North Carolina doing an internship at Pfizer.
Today she is a doctor specialized in epidemology.
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