Not sure if my simulated result is decent or that its even actually working.


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Nov 6, 2019
When I switch bewtween my latest convolutions in Jriver I'm failing to realise a difference betwee them.

I am under impression that its an issue from Audiolense, a simple one but just one I can't figure out.

My simlated response isn't as tight as they used to look but then again it could just be the scale when the target curve tab is off. When comparing the simulated result to the filtered measurement the difference is very little if any. Toggling the convolution tab gives me a slight reduction in DB but nothing major.

Bernt, I think this happened once and you sent me a target file, I used it and it worked. But I swtiched between different targets and no difference.

Any ideas? I mean how do I tell if the correction is a correction in the simulated result?


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Feb 5, 2018
Hi Trdat,

I canntake s look if you send me the measurement or post it here.
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