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    NAD’s New C 538 CD Player Costs a Mere $299

    (NAD Electronics)

    (June 5, 2018) While physical media sales continue to trend in the wrong direction, fans of compact discs and vinyl still have a need for new gear to keep their collections alive. Recently, NAD Electronics announced a new performance-grade compact disc player that’s outfitted and priced to attract new buyers and seasoned veterans alike.

    For $299, compact disc owners now have access to a brand-new disc player model. NAD says the C 538’s design benefits from techniques the company has perfected for Hi-Res Audio playback. That includes reduced digital jitter performance complements of a high precision clock and a Wolfson High Spec 24/192 digital to analog converter chip.

    The frontside of the C 538 offers simple controls such as Play, Pause, Skip, and Scan, along with a dimmable LED dot matrix display. The included remote provides additional access to advanced features like track randomization and programing/playback modes (e.g. single track or whole disc Repeat).

    While the C 538 can play standard compact discs, it also supports playback of CD-R/CD-RW discs, and discs encoded with MP3 or WMA files. Connectivity to sources is provided using a single optical or coaxial digital output, or analog stereo RCA outputs, all of which are found on the rear of the player.

    According to Greg Stidsen, NAD’s Director of Technology and Product Planning: ]“Although music downloads and streaming continue to grow in popularity, CDs are still the primary listening source for millions of people around the world. NAD continues to innovate and develop its CD players to get improved performance while keeping prices affordable. So, whether you are creating your first home system, or upgrading your current CD player, music lovers should choose one like the C 538 that delivers high quality sound.”

    NAD’s C 538 CD Player is available for purchase now.
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