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    MOON’s New 110LP v2 Phono PreAmp Is Set to Ship in November

    [​IMG](October 30, 2018) Yesterday, MOON announced a reboot of its 110LP phono preamp. The new version, dubbed the “110LP v2 Phono Preamplfier,” is due to begin shipping next month.

    The 110LP v2 is a small device that’s inserted between a turntable and an amplifier, designed to deliver an improved vinyl listening experience. It can be paired with turntables that lack a phono stage, or with those that carry an onboard phone stage (which is then bypassed by the 110LP v2). Owners can easily pair cartridges with the preamp by manipulating three pairs of DIP switches that are concealed from view on the belly of chassis.

    MOON says the 110LP v2 carries several improvements over the company’s original 110LP model, including an all-new slimline design, a new 24V power supply, and new gain and impedance settings.

    Specific features, include:
    • End-user adjustable impedance loading (47kΩ, 475Ω,100Ω, 10Ω).
    • End-user adjustable capacitance loading (0pF, 100pF,330pF, 430pF).
    • End-user adjustable gain settings for moving magnet and moving coil cartridges (40dB, 50dB, 54dB, 60dB, 66dB).
    • End user selectable curve (IEC/RIAA).
    • Four-layer PCB tracings using pure copper for low impedance characteristics.
    • Inductive DC Filtering for a significantly lower noise floor.
    • Gold-plated RCA connectors.
    • Designed to be permanently powered-up to ensure optimal performance.
    The 110LP v2’s all-aluminum chassis is only available in black and is priced at $399.


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