Melco’s EX Series Digital Music Libraries Are Now Roon Ready


(September 15, 2020) Yesterday, Melco released Firmware 4.04 (USB download), injecting the convenience of Roon Ready across its entire line of EX Series digital music libraries. Melco says a second over-the-air update (4.10) is due to be released later this year. EX Series gear owners can update to 4.10 using their device’s front panel display; those with legacy gear can also access firmware upgrades but must contact a dealer to perform an EX Series update.

The EX Series comprises five different digital music libraries (two half-width, three full-width) loaded with advanced hardware and software tech for high-level Hi-Res Audio playback. Depending on the model, storage capacities range from 2TB to 6TB, with additional music sourced via Ethernet and various USB ports. The company’s proprietary SongKong – part of the Melco Intelligent Music Library (MIML) – is an automated retagging process that uses databases and sophisticated algorithms to replace or enhance search-necessary metadata for individual songs. When combined with MinimServer, the process of browsing for music is streamlined and intelligently simplified.

Now, Roon's addition brings high-end streaming into the equation, allowing Roon to operate as an alternative to UPnP when a library is configured with a USB DAC. Roon Ready means that Melco devices will now carry a customized version of Roon’s RAAT streaming capability, delivering easy setup, an intuitive interface, and reliable playback performance.

Melco says that global EX Series libraries are Roon Ready now; however, libraries in Japan will be delayed until a later date.


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