Just confirming this will work.


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Nov 4, 2019
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I wanted to check that this will work as I plan.
So I built a 2 channel amplifier. Its an integrated amp as it has a volume control on it. What I did was build a relay driven input card that the inputs plug into. I also added an Output and an Input that will let me loop out and back into the amp so I can hook up the MinidspHD that I bought. This is BEFORE the volume controller. I have a pair of 12" full range speakers in huge cabinets and I do not need a subwoofer at all. So each channel is just one full range driver.
I want to use my UMIK1 and rew to measure my speakers response in my room and load the correction into my minidsp.
So the signal path will be USB DAC ---> minidsp ---->Volume controller----> Amp ---> speakers. This is as it should be correct?
Any tips are welcome.
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