'IR Extraction Failed' — why not guide the user instead?


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Oct 27, 2022
As an Audiolense user since 2008, I have been through five sound cards and three sofas.
I did many measurements in the early years, but my last one was in 2019, as the sound was near-perfect.

Yesterday, I received this message, 'IR Extraction Failed'.
I did not find this message helpful.

It took me more than an hour to discover a broken cable and a channel routing on the sound card that changed the first input to channel 2.

With a better error message, like 'Audiolense recorded no signal, check input channel and recording level,' or 'Please watch the microphone monitor levels while recording,' I would have found the solution earlier.

Instead, I believed it was a software issue with Windows 10, and I attempted to install C++ redistributable and dotNET, but both failed as they were already installed.
I also attempted Audiolense 6.2 on Windows 10, rebooted Windows 7 and tried Audiolense 4.12, which worked back in 2019.

I understand that making major changes to Audiolense takes a lot of time, but improving error messages should be straightforward.


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Feb 5, 2018
Im sorry for your trouble. I am however not sure if it is as easy as that to implement the diagnostic features that you're asking. There can be many reasons that Audiolense fails to extract an IR.

I recommend all users to monitor the SPL meter on the microphone feed. It will clearly show if the sweep is measured and captured.


Apr 5, 2021
Audiolense sometimes leaves a pile of files that it sometimes fails to clean up in your measurement folder. In my experience if you blow these away you don't get the IR Extraction error, I think it has something to do with trying to use the same file names for it's current measurement as those in the measurement folder that were temp files and then it bombs out.
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