Help. I am in the initial stages of reading the getting started documentation for REW.


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Nov 15, 2020
Falling at the first hurdle, as is my wont, I,m not sure what an AVR is and whether I really need one. At the moment I have a mac mini and an audio interface, a focusrite Saffire. So, I expect that when my calibrated microphone is deivered I will plug it into the Saffire which is plugged into the mac. I haven't got a spare hdmi on the mac (that's for the screen) so presumably I will have to plug a mini jack into the headphone out on the mac. (Instinct tells me I could be using usb here, but the instructions don't). So I now have a couple of cables with phonos (RCA) on the end. Is this what I need to plug into the AVR, whatever that is? Or could I just plug them into the Saffire? Or could I just plug some headphones into the headphone out on the mac? Forgive me if I'm missing the point.
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