Feature request - tackling group delay peaks like Acourate does


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Nov 24, 2020
Hi @juicehifi

I was watching the great video by @Mitchco below, where he runs through both Acourate and Audiolense XO

I noticed a cool way Acourate lets you tackle group delay peaks, one by one.

Instead of the way I've been doing in Audiolense, trying to tackle all peaks at once. This can be like a game of 'cat and mouse', where I go through iterations of making things worse.

Is this something you could add to Audiolense XO?

Also the view showing both amplitude and phase responses (split windows) is cool.

There's lots of things where I prefer the way Audiolense XO is but those were 2 things where I thought, would be cool for Audiolense to do.

Also an option to add reverb (RT20/30/60) ?



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Feb 5, 2018
Hi 2234rew,

The group delay peaks; Sorry, no, that's not in the plans. The group delay peaks that are present after correction with Audiolense are typically there for the single reason that they can not be corrected without introducing significant pre-ringing in the correction filters and sometimes in the simulations as well. But if you show me problems in this regard with creating good corrections in Audiolense I might put something on my to-do list. (I did not quite understand your explanation of what you do today with Audiolense).

I will look into adding phase response later this year.

Reverb time: REW is an excellent tool for analyzing this and you can export the simulated result from Audolense - and examine it in REW. Just remember to select "unfiltered simulation".
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