Failing to install on MacOS Ventura Dev Beta


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Sep 20, 2022
Hi. Just a heads up, the REW installer seems to be broken on my test system here. Running the latest developer Beta of MacOS Ventura on a Mac Studio M1 Ultra.

The installer starts to launch and a window appears saying that it's preparing to install. That window disappears in a moment and the installer just stops with no windows on screen. My Dock still shows the installer icon and names it 'java' but there are no on screen windows to interact with. "REW Installer" is not hanging inside the application switcher.

It's almost like 'java' is requiring some sort of interaction from me but MacOS is blocking it from querying me.

I can see no entries in macOS's security / privacy settings that have holding things up.

I can still use my older (pre Ventura installed) version of REW so all good there.

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