Emotiva T2 / T1 / C2


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Apr 2, 2017
My AV System  
Preamp, Processor or Receiver
NAD M17 V2 Processor
Main Amp
Emotiva XPA-1 Gen 2 Monoblocks
Additional Amp
Emotiva XPA Seven
Other Amp
Emotiva A-150
Universal / Blu-ray / CD Player
OPPO UDP-205 4K UHD Player
Front Speakers
MartinLogan Classic ESL 9
Center Channel Speaker
MartinLogan Focus C-18
Surround Speakers
MartinLogan ElectroMotion ESL
Surround Back Speakers
MartinLogan Motion 12
Front Height Speakers
MartinLogan EM-IC
Rear Height Speakers
MartinLogan EM-IC
SVSound SB16-Ultra x 4
Video Display Device
Epson 4040
Elite Screen
Remote Control
Universal MX-890
Other Equipment
Dish Joey 4K / Apple 4K
These were purchased direct from Emotiva in February 2018... in excellent condition... no scratches, no issues... sound great. Awesome sounding speakers for the money... some of the best I have ever had in my room... and no doubt one of the best centers I have ever owned. The reviews are glowing on all these speakers... they are really that good. And the C2 center is very hard to find right now.

Being in the industry, I am constantly changing out gear.

I still have the original boxes and packing material.

I will sell separately or as a package. PayPal is preferred... no fees to you.

The T2's I will do at $550 shipped... the T1's at $450 shipped... and the C2 Center at $275 shipped.... or $1200 shipped for the package... saving you $75. (*RESTRICTED SHIPPING DISTANCE - SEE BELOW

I prefer local pickup... and will reduce the cost of each speaker by $35 if you pickup... OR... I will drive up to 3 hours to meet you in Tallahassee Florida, Birmingham or Mobile Alabama, Columbus Georgia, etc...

* Shipping... I am in Troy, Alabama 36081.. and I will ship to anywhere in the southeast USA... let's just say to Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, southern Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina... and all the states south/southeast of these areas. If you are farther north or farther west and want to pay extra for shipping, we can work something out.

I took duplicate pictures on some of these... with and without flash.

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