Definitive Technology Reveals New Descend Series Subwoofers


(July 13, 2021) Definite Technology’s latest release is a new series of four subwoofers designed around the brand’s 3XR driver architecture. Abandoning traditional ported subwoofer cabinets, the company’s 3XR design utilizes dual passive radiators coupled to an active driver, effectively tripling a subwoofer’s radiating surfaces for deep, impactful bass devoid of audible port artifacts.

Headlining the series are the Descend DN15 and DN12, which feature 15” and 12” active drivers, respectively. Both models are anchored by 1500-watt Class H sliding rail amps and 56-bit Digital Signal Processing, a combination that forges impressive levels of output. The DN15 is capable of achieving output down to 20 Hz, while the DN12 can natively dig down to 25 Hz.

To help with system integration, Definitive engineers created “Intelligent Phase Control,” a feature set that aligns phase adjustments with the low-pass filter for focused and detailed output. Fine-tuning is further enhanced by built-in EQ modes (Flat, Deep, and Loud) that can be instantly selected to suit personal listening preferences. Definitive says “Flat” is a great starting point for most applications, while “Loud” maximizes output levels and “Deep” opens the door to the deepest of depths of frequency extension. User adjustments to EQ, phase and volume levels are executed with a slim remote control and tracked by a built-in front LED display.

The smaller, more agile DN8 and DN10 models carry 8” and 10” active drivers paired with passive radiators for bass performance to 35Hz and below. While lacking the built-in Intelligent Phase Control found on their bigger siblings, the DN8 and DN10 provide access to controls for phase, low-pass, and output level.

Priced at $499 (DN8), $799 (DN10), $1199 (DN12), and DN15 (DN15), all four models are available in Midnight Black. Definitive is also offering the DN8 and DN10 in Glacier White.

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