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Jan 26, 2019
Been using REW for years now, superb!

Recently I've been wanting to improve previous measurements used for DRC-FIR and PORC. The issue is high frequency, microphone orientation and calibration. To capture room respone, the microphone should be vertically oriented (pointing towards the ceiling, 90 deg), right. However, my (individually) calibibrated microphone was calibrated at zero degrees, i.e. horizontally. Så when making measurements vertically, measured treble will be low, since the microphone is not really omnidirectional at high frequencies. Hence, the DRC software will logically (but unwantedly) boost treble excessively.

Is there a way in REW to somehow combine two separate measurements and export to one single IR? I.e. measure with vertical microphone e.g. 20 Hz- 2 kHz and then horizontal microphone 2-20kHz?
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John Mulcahy

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Apr 3, 2017
There is a merge function in the Trace Arithmetic features of the All SPL graph, but high frequency correction should be about the speaker, not the room. The room's correctable contribution is at low frequencies where your mic is omnidirectional anyway so you may as well just point the mic at the speaker.
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