Cabling for automated Home Theater curtains

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    I have some mehtech cl2000 curtains, and I am planning on automating them with my insteon relays.
    1: I have 5 Windows that each will have their own commands.
    2: Each has its own hookup for home automation control and IR.
    3: IR is sometimes activated by various remotes in the house which is yet another reason to go with Insteon Relays.

    My current situation is the motors have a rj25/rj14 jack and need 4 wires, They specify 6p6c wire.

    I will need to run as much as 25' of wire for each window to get to an outlet.
    1: Can I just use CAT5 wire for each run, and terminate with a rj25 jack...or do they make an adapter to convert rj45 to a rj25 plug?
    2: On the relay end it will be bare wires with a screw 50' runs cut down would give me 2 prepare connectors for each cable... I like this idea as it means less work.
    3: The Insteon curtain relays are designed to b installed behind a light switch, and I will not be installing them behind a switch. My question here is can I make a small box, and install the module in it with one end having the wires going to the curtain motor, and use a 3 prong power cable going out the other end to the wall outlet? Here is the relay I am using for each curtain set...

    If I can get long enough cable I could run all the relays in 1 nice box with only 1 power cord...All wires to the curtains will be concealed by acoustic panels(except the last 1 or 2 feet which will be covered by the curtains).

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    Hope someone chimes in... wish I could help!
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