Audio Excellence Announces Mysterious "UFO" Technology for TV Audio

Audio Excellence Announces Mysterious "UFO" Technology for TV Audio


(Pixabay, Audio Excellence)
(January 22, 2019) With CES in the rearview mirror, the home theater world is ready to turn its attention to the next big tradeshow event: ISE 2019. And to kick things off, Audio Excellence headlines our first news associated with the event, as the company is prepping to reveal an all-new audio concept called “UFO.”

UFO, named after a 1980s RAF Bentwaters, England extraterrestrial event, is meant to mimic the realism home theater fans experience as audio passes through an acoustically transparent projection screen… but doing so with a traditional television display. This solution, says Audio Excellence, is so unique in its delivery that it’s worthy of being lumped with something as mystical as an Unidentified Flying Object (hence, the name).

The company’s CEO, Patrice Congard, says he tackled acoustically transparent screens in 1996 because “the conventional solid projection screen was a physical barrier to the proper appreciation of a movie’s sound track.” Adding, “However, today as flat screen TVs grow in size, they become a trending alternative for the drop-down projection screens traditionally used in a media room. Yet, this immediately presents a problem… How can the sound come from the image displayed on a large rigid solid screen, like a flat panel TV?”

Congard and Audio Excellence aren’t quite ready to fully reveal their UFO creation. However, they are telling us that it’s a unique proprietary (patented) technology developed by Audio Excellence. Additionally, the system utilizes limited-range speakers with a frequency response ranging from 100 Hz-20 kHz, while remaining compatible with “classic” speakers serving as surrounds or subwoofers in a traditional system.

Audio Excellence says it will explore a limited number of licensing opportunities for the technology. And because the technology is scalable, any licensee can apply it to price points they service within their particular market verticals.

We’ll have more information about UFO as it becomes available.
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